We are a team that aspires to be bold and innovative first movers.

Our experience in co-developing, financing and managing infrastructure projects in emerging markets positions us to deliver high-impact environmental and social development and financial returns.

We share a sense of urgency to make a positive impact on the climate crisis by changing the way infrastructure is financed.

Meet the Team

Management Board

Andrew Johnstone

Director and CEO

Andrew Johnstone has overall responsibility for the delivery of all fund management services.

Georges Beukering

Director – Head of Capital Raising

Georges Beukering is responsible for raising commercial and donor capital for the underlying fund vehicles.

Tarun Brahma

Director – Head of Investments

Tarun Brahma is the Head of Investments at CFM, overseeing all investment activities.

Lindsey Ord

Director – CFO

Lindsey Ord is responsible for ensuring CFM functions on a solid financial and operational foundation.

Executive Committee

The CFM Executive Committee comprises the Management Board plus the following individuals

Robert Haye

Head of Human Resources – The Hague

Robert Haye is the Head of Human Resources at Climate Fund Managers, with 20 years’ experience in international human resources.

Claire Cummins

Head of ESG

Claire Cummins oversees Environmental and Social Governance (ESG) at Climate Fund Managers.

Amit Mohan

Head of Asset Management

Amit Mohan is responsible for the management, monitoring and optimisation of assets.

Sebastiaan Surie

Regional Head – Africa

Sebastiaan Surie heads investment activities in Africa.

Nathan Schmidt

Regional Head – Asia

Nathan Schmidt is responsible for investment activity in Asia.

Tony van Engelen

Chief Technical Officer 

Tony van Engelen is responsible for the technical development and construction management of all projects.

Kevin Anderson

Head of Strategic Initiatives

Kevin Anderson is the Head of Strategic Initiatives at Climate Fund Managers with over 14 years’ experience in the banking and renewable energy sectors.

Prad Nadakuduty

Asset Management Executive – Singapore

Prad Nadakuduty is an Asset Management Executive at Climate Fund Managers focusing on managing CFM’s renewable assets in Asia across the tiered-structure investment lifecycle.

Stefan Wandrag

Chartered Accountant – Namibia 

Stefan Wandrag is a qualified Chartered Accountant with extensive experience in finance and accounting across various sectors.

Jeb Victorino

Senior Investment Manager

Jeb Victorino is a Senior Investment Manager at Climate Fund Managers, working across Asia, with over 10 years of investment experience in renewable energy.

Kulani Rikhotso

Senior Investment Manager – Africa

Kulani Rikhotso is an Senior Investment Manager at Climate Fund Managers with over 10 years’ experience.

Kris Hngoi

Project Consultant Cleantech

Kris Hngoi is the Project Consultant for Cleantech Solar Investment at Climate Fund Managers. She works closely with Cleantech Solar, providing valuable investment data analysis and insights for CFM.

Ryan Oetama

Investment Manager

Ryan Oetama is an Investment Manager at Climate Fund Managers, working across Asia, with over 8 years’ experience in principal investment in the infrastructure sector.

Jirong Lim

Investment Manager

Jirong Lim is an Investment Manager at Climate Fund Managers, working across Asia, with over 9 years’ of experience, which include 7 years in direct equity investments, covering renewable energy and water.

Jordan Solomon

Investment Manager – Africa

Jordan Solomon is an Investment Manager at Climate Fund Managers focused on deal origination and financial analysis of projects in Africa.

Linh Nguyen

Investment Analyst

Linh Nguyen is an Investment Analyst at Climate Fund Managers, working across Asia.

Kheng Chuan Chan

Investment Analyst

Kheng Chuan Chan is an Investment Analyst at Climate Fund Managers, working across Asia. He is involved in the due diligence and execution of investment activities across Asia.

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