Nepal is a Himalayan country with a population of 29 million landlocked between India and China. Over the last five years, Nepal has amended and introduced several regulations to facilitate public–private partnerships and encourage further private sector investment, both foreign and local, in the energy and infrastructure sector.
The government of Nepal has subsequently awarded Dolma Himalayan Energy (Dolma) survey licenses for the development of a 125–150 MW solar PV project with 40–80 MWh battery storage. CI1, in partnership with Dolma, has submitted a proposal for a solar with storage project to complement the largely hydro-reliant power market.
Our Development Partner 

Dolma Himalayan Energy

We Invest 

USD 2.8

Development Funding

Estimated Project Impact
  • 125 MW  additional capacity
  • 226 GWh/year clean electricity
  • 3 641 tCO2eq/year emissions avoided
  • 375 construction jobs 
  • 1 377 676 people reached 

Funding Rationale

CI1 has approved USD 2.8 million in development funding to the Dolma solar PV with battery storage.
By seeking investment in this project, CI1 will introduce the first utility-scale solar project in the country, including providing the regulatory framework for future deals, as well as providing crucial power supply to the grid in the dry season.
Contract Signature Date

March 2019


South Asia



Business Model 



Solar PV

Environmental & Social Category



Renewable Energy & Storage

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