CI1 seeks to invest in the development of a 220 MW solar project in Myanmar. Given the complex nature of project finance in Myanmar, CI1’s unique funding unlocks financial support to the development of the Project, and thereby leads the way in terms of foreign direct investment participation in Myanmar’s renewable energy sector (beyond the traditional Developmental Financial Institutions).

Our Development Partner 


We Invest

USD 1 million

Development Fund Opportunity

Estimated Project Impact
  • 220 MW  additional capacity
  • 348 GWh/year clean electricity
  • 153,562 tCO2eq/year emissions avoided
  • 250 construction jobs 
  • 835,080 people reached 

Funding Rationale

CIO’s investment addresses the growing power demand and supply gap in the country as the electricity consumption rate in Myanmar is increasing at ~15% per annum, with current power demand exceeding supply and an electrification rate of ~39%. The promotion of this project as a flagship renewable energy project in the country may act to catalyze further development of renewable energy projects in Myanmar. The government is supportive of renewables having targeted 8% and 12% of renewable energy in the energy mix by 2021 and 2025, respectively.
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Southeast Asia



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(220 MW)

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Solar PV

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