CI2 is considering an opportunity to develop a 35,000 – 60,000 m3/day industrial wastewater treatment project with biogas and re-use components in Egypt.

Our Development Partner

The project is in partnership with a Dutch technology and solutions provider specialized in advanced wastewater treatment. The developer is working with an Egyptian natural resources and water treatment service provider as local partner.

We Invest

Up to 1.6 million

Development Fund funding

Estimated Project Impact

35,000-60,000 M3/day waste water treatment

CI2 E&S Rationale

The potential positive and negative environmental and social (including human rights) impacts and risks along with the required mitigation measures will be analysed and confirmed during the Environmental and Social Assessment process. This will inform the development of a dedicated Community Program associated with the project.

Funding Objective

  • CI2 is considering deploying development funding to develop a 35,000 – 60,000 m3/day industrial wastewater treatment project with biogas RE and re-use situated in South Port Said, Egypt.
  • The project’s objective is to treat industrial wastewater from an Industrial zone (Phase 1), produce renewable energy (biogas) to cover a portion of its operational energy needs (Phase 2), and produce water for re-use (Phase 3).


Middle East & North Africa



Business Model

WWTE & RE Biogas

Environmental & Social Category




Project Location

Why Climate Investor Two Wants to Invest in This Project

Currently, industrial wastewater (35,000 m3/day) is discharged untreated through two pump stations into a lake. The current discharge of untreated wastewater effluent may be leading to major and avoidable environmental and health impacts.

The developer proposes a turn-key modular and compact designed WWTP with a minimal foot-print, developed in phases to create flexibility and adjust capacity as the number of connected industrial zone locators increases.