Transparency and Disclosure

CFM is fully committed to the transparency and disclosure of information relating to the sustainability aspects of the investments that it makes. Our Responsible Investment Policy includes a commitment to this effect, and this is further reinforced through the pre-contractual engagement process and in the contractual obligations we establish with all of the projects in which the CFM Managed Vehicles (CI1 and CI2) are invested.

CFM has established arrangements to comply with the EU Sustainable Financial Disclosure Regulation (SFDR) (EU 2019/2088) (“SFDR”)and associated delegated regulations. Information published on CFM’s website includes a description of how sustainability is integrated into the investment process ( Sustainability information regarding each investment is publicly disclosed here: including the risk categorisation and the potential adverse sustainability impacts. Information is also included in marketing materials for the CFM Managed Vehicles, including in the private placement memorandum prepared for each new CFMManaged Vehicles.

In accordance with SFDR requirements, CFM will publish periodic disclosures in the form of an annual report which will include a description of the overall sustainability-related impacts of the CFM Managed Vehicles using relevant indicators. These reports will be published on this webpage.