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Investment Approach

Are you a Developer seeking funding for a project in Africa, Latin America or Asia?

We provide complete lifecycle financing, an innovative alternative to the traditional project finance approach. This serves to reduce implementation timelines, allowing our projects to contribute to avoid harmful GHG emissions and to positively impact the environment and communities.

Our offering includes:
Development funding of up to 50% of development costs
Technical, financial, and environmental and social governance support
Equity financing of up to 75% of construction costs
Financing of up to 50% of post-construction debt

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Funding Criteria

CFM has certain criteria it employs when identifying suitable projects for funding.

Here is what we look for:
The project is located in Africa, Latin America or Asia
It is located in a low, lower-middle or upper-middle income country
It aligns with the technological focus of CI1 or CI2.
The project sponsor or developer also has access to a minimum of 25% of its own equity contribution towards construction costs
Minimum ticket size of USD 10 million

Funding Applications

If you are a developer seeking funding and your project complies with the above funding criteria, or you would like more information,

please contact us at
or fill in our initial self-assessment form.

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