The Damen project concerns the containerized treatment of ballast water, which is taken on in great quantities by marine vessels to offset unloaded cargo or waste, before being discharged at the ship’s next port of call. Invasive aquatic species within untreated ballast water present a major threat to marine ecosystems, and shipping has been identified as a major cause for introducing species to new environments. 

Our Development Partner


We Invest

3.4 million

Development Funding

USD 25.0 million

Forecasted Construction Funding

Estimated Project Impact

240 Jobs

CI2 E&S Rationale

The Project has been classified as category B in terms of potential environmental and social risks. The potential for adverse impacts on the environment and local communities and other stakeholders will need to be further assessed but is anticipated to be of low risk.

Funding Objective

Under a development funding agreement, CI2’s Development Fund has approved an investment of up to USD 3.4 million, to finance the start of this project with Damen Financial Services, the newly founded department within Damen Shipyards Group.





Business Model

Containerized Ballast Water Treatment

Environmental & Social Category



Green Shipping

Why Climate Investor Two Wants to Invest in This Project

The Damen “Invasave” solution is a port-based containerized system that can treat the discharge of ballast water from vessels while in port. In addition, the solution can supplement a vessels’ existing built-in systems, or provide mitigation in the event that a vessels’ built-in ballast water treatment system fails.

At the time of approval, Damen’s Invasave System is currently the only technology certified by the International Marine Organization and therefore enjoys a head start in this service.