Climate Investor One has made an investment in a portfolio of rooftop solar power projects in Vietnam and Indonesia, which are being developed by Green Roof. Green Roof is a Singapore-based entity with an on-the-ground management team in Vietnam and Indonesia, and a track record of pioneering wind and solar developments in Europe.

Our Development Partner

Green Roof

We Invest

Development Funding Approved


Approved CEF Equity Funding

USD 42

Estimated Project Impact

110 MW  additional capacity
175 GWh/year clean electricity
81,180 tCO2eq/year emissions avoided
up to 457  construction jobs
146,301  people reached

Funding Rationale

The CI1 investment will be used to finance the construction of the Projects which will support the governments’ ambition of reducing reliance on fossil fuels through promoting efficient exploitation of renewable energy sources and increasing their proportion in energy production and consumption.

In order to achieve this goal, Vietnam and Indonesia have identified improving financial mechanisms and mobilising capital in investments in and development of the renewable power sector. To reach these goals, the governments will need to take measures to encourage independent power producers into the market with new sources of funding to finance the country’s transition.

Contract Signature

November 2021

Expected Commercial
Operations Date





Vietnam & Indonesia

Business Model

C&I Solar


Solar PV

Environmental & Social Category



Renewable Energy

E&S Context

The environmental and social risk (“E&S”) of the Projects has been classified as category B (in accordance with CIO’s risk categorisation), which is equivalent to International Finance Corporation (IFC) Category B.  Given the nature of the investment, which comprises rooftop solar installations on existing C&I buildings in urban areas, potential impacts will be minimal, site-specific, and readily managed/mitigated. The main E&S impacts and risks relate to health, safety and labour in the Southeast Asia construction sector, particularly when contracting labour through third parties, and also exposure to reputational risks of client facilities. Key environmental aspects to consider in the ongoing management of the portfolio includes use of water and disposal of waste, including end-of-life solar panels.


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