CI2 has been invited by development and technology company Solar Water Solutions (“SWS”) of Finland to provide development capital and ultimately construction equity capital for the roll out of 200 stand-alone solar PV-powered desalination units in Kitui county (Kenya) from 2020 – 2023.

Our Development Partner

Solar Water Solutions (SWS)

We Invest

Up to USD 1.9 million

Development Fund funding

Estimated Project Impact

317 tCO2eq/year avoided

1,667 m3/day of water treated

22,500 People served with improved drinking water


CI2 E&S Rationale

The Project has been assigned a B+ rating which reflects the potential for largely reversible social or environmental impacts that can be addressed through relevant mitigation measures.

Funding Objective

The project has started development, including some initial pilots. DF2 will participate in the next phase of development which shall focus on demonstrating the technical, commercial and socio-environmental viability of the program. This phase includes piloting 8 additional systems – 5 funded by CI2 DF and 3 by SWS.





Business Model

Solar Desalination

Environmental & Social Category




Project Location

Why Climate Investor Two Wants to Invest in This Project

The investment will be benefiting 400,000 people, including more than 50% women and ca. 30% children. The project is co-developed with the Dutch Fund for Climate and Development (DFCD) – Origination Fund through SNV that is investing USD 108,000 in the early development stage focused on market-analysis and ESG screening.