Spectainer is a growth stage green intermodal innovation company that has developed a next generation shipping container ecosystem through its collapsible shipping containers and IoT security and location devices to achieve better operational efficiency resulting in economic savings and environmental benefits. COLLAPSECON® is Spectainer’s flagship patented collapsible shipping container.

Our Development Partner

Spectainer Pty Ltd

We Invest

2.0 million

Development Funding

USD 75 million

Forecasted Construction Funding

Estimated Project Impact

200 Jobs at Manufacturing Sites

90 Jobs at local ports

84,890 TCO2-e per year

CI2 E&S Rationale

The Project has been classified as category B in terms of potential environmental and social risks. The potential for adverse impacts on the environment and local communities and other stakeholders will need to be further assessed but is anticipated to be of low risk.

Funding Objective

The investment opportunity involves CI2 playing a critical role in the final development of a technology that has the potential to catalyze industry adoption of collapsible shipping containers, with the overall objective of reducing the carbon intensity of global cargo transport.


Intra-Asia Pacific


Vietnam, Thailand (Manufacturing Base)

Business Model

Collapsible Shipping Containers

Environmental & Social Category



Green Shipping

Why Climate Investor Two Wants to Invest in This Project

Widespread adoption of collapsible shipping containers has the potential to substantially reduce GHG emissions in the trucking, handling, and shipping of empty containers. Successful development also stands to create between 200 to 400 new manufacturing jobs in the Mekong Delta – a DFCD priority landscape – and 450 new jobs at South East Asian ports.

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